The Envelope Please…Presenting Our 2018 Stout Awards Winners

The Envelope Please…Presenting Our 2018 Stout Awards Winners

Celebrating the STOUT-est Of 2018

We’re honored to have profiled so many #Stout standouts this year. Thanks to our Stout subscribers for voting for their favorites this year and join us as we celebrate our winners of the 2018 Stout Awards.


Energetic cheesemonger Kendall Antonelli dreams big, lives even bigger — and makes sure that no one stands alone.

Jackson Sutton hopes his art will give people an inside look to better understand the viewpoint and potential of the autistic brain.

Brené Brown’s inspiring philosophy on vulnerability and courage fuels our Stout Action Plan to grow to your next level.

Rip the bandaid. Cut the cord. Face the fear. Challenge yourself and get growing.

Brobe Founder and Tory Burch Fellow Allison Schickel shares real-life insights on empowering passion & purpose.

Should You Ever Give Up on a Dream? #Stout tools from SXSW featured speaker Akash Thakkar can help you decide.

Bobby Jenkins has a simple motto: work hard and be nice. That simple #Stout philosophy has fueled his success in community, family and business.

Gay Gaddis, powerhouse Austin-based advertising pioneer, is breaking into new territory again, with one-woman gallery shows and a kick-ass (literally) new book.