5 Ways to Fuel Up For Your Journey in 2024

5 Ways to Fuel Up For Your Journey in 2024

It’s first week of the new year – time to set the tone and your intentions for the year ahead. Seize the opportunity to set goals, visualize and crystallize what matters most to you this year and beyond.

Before heading into this next cycle, take a moment and be “complete” with the previous year. Catalog and reflect on your experiences – the good, bad and ugly.

By doing so, you will be free to embrace and prepare yourself for what’s ahead, fueled by new perspectives and momentum from past successes. Even more powerful is the realization that you don’t have to wait a entire year to adopt this tactic – each day is a chance to start anew, to remind us that it is the present that matters most. It is the space where needles are moved, ideas born, and connections made. Know that all efforts build upon each other, and each day offers new opportunity. Reset daily; by living in the now with the power of what you’ve learned from the past, you give yourself a clean slate to start fresh every day.

5 Stout Ways to Fuel Up For Your Journey

    • Practice Gratitude: Gratitude is truly a game-changer and will next-level you in multiple ways. Honor the things that have served you from the previous day, and extract insights from the things that didn’t. This mini-meditation can shift unconscious beliefs that are getting in your way, and help you appreciate even tiny steps towards success.
    • Create a Vision Board: Keep your eye on the prize and big-picture your year by creating a visual representation of what you want to see more of in your life. Whether personal or professional, this is next-level goal setting in that if you can see it, you can achieve it. By actively declaring what you want and need, your intent is made to the Universe and things are set into motion. It also serves as aid in staying clear on your goals. You can simply close your eyes, call your vision board to mind, and stay on track even in the moment.
    • Use a Power Word: Designate a word that represents your intent for the year – and use it. On the days that are difficult, it will remind you that this is just part of the process and give you that extra support to push through. On the days you are making it happen, it’s a reminder that yes, your destiny is in your power and you’re making it happen. And on the days where you are lost, it resets you and brings you back to the present moment. If you’re at a loss for finding the perfect word, feel free to use STOUT – and remind yourself that success favors those who are BOLD, BRAVE, and DETERMINED.
    • Find Your Fuel: Start to look at all things as fuel. Food, friends, exercise, thoughts, information and beauty – whatever you bring into your life. What are you choosing to bring into your day? Does it fuel you, or does it deplete you? Ever wonder where the day went? By seeing time and resources as fuel, and actions as empowering or draining, you become more selective at gatekeeping what you bring into your day and your life.
    • Embrace Completion: End your day with a quick honoring of the good, bad and the ugly. Extract the takeaways by celebrating any victories, large or small, and humble yourself with a nod to the new lessons learned. This also helps to NOT internalize things, and to know they are complete in the exact state they are in. This is a hard one to fully embrace since this can often involve situations that are already done or people with whom you no longer have a relationship. Honor the process that, realizing this might be exactly where you need to be. If something is unresolved that is in your power to resolve, then do so. Otherwise, be complete with things as they are and give yourself the gift of a clean slate.