#FuelStop: Breaking Through To Your Next Level

#FuelStop: Breaking Through To Your Next Level

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Rip the bandaid. Cut the cord. Face the fear. Challenge yourself and get growing.

What got you to where you are now isn’t necessarily going to take you to the next level. Even if you’re at the top of your game, you must continue to grow or you ultimately stagnate. Like most things that are worthwhile, be prepared for a little pain and discomfort in the process.

Growth lies somewhere in the space between fear and change.

For most, though, fear of the unknown and the discomfort of change stand between themselves and that space. With this quick mindset tune-up, you can learn to take on a new challenge, see things in a new way, push boundaries, and reap the rewards.

STOUT Takeaways on Growing Through Discomfort.

  • Start With Bite-Sized Doses.
    Inc Magazine’s Michael Schneider suggests it’s best to start off with doable measures of what you think you can handle and go from there. He relays the example of his being a terrible reader, and rather than tackle a whole book or even a chapter, he would promise himself just 10 minutes. The key, he says, is not the amount of time committed, but being consistent with those small, steady bites.
  • Feed Your Growth Muscle.
    Growth doesn’t happen overnight, and intentionally facing fears and challenges might feel like exercising a new or underused muscle. Like any athlete, if you want to accomplish your goal, you need to train. Be consistent and intentional about making small gains to develop and strengthen on your growth muscle.
  • Improve your Emotional Intelligence (EQ).
    Emotional Intelligence helps you recognize how you’re reacting to new challenges. Embrace self-awareness to normalize the process. By doing so, you are preparing yourself to actually fuel yourself with the feelings of discomfort – they are a good sign. We are wired for fight or flight, and since change often involves fear, recognize this warning as a sign that you are on track to reach that next level.

Ready to grow?

For a deeper dive on embracing and mastering Emotional Intelligence, Stout recommends Dr. Travis Bradberry’s Ted Talk and don’t miss more motivation to grow and level up from Stout Magazine.