Meet The Stout Team

Christi Hester

Founder & Publisher

Hailing from Louisiana, Christi’s love of marketing and ability to visualize possibilities led her to launch HesterMedia to build dynamic creative strategies and marketing direction for a diverse group of Austin and national brands, and to launch her brainchild, Stout Magazine, into the world.

Bold: Starting up two woman owned and operated businesses-girl power!
Brave: Bootstrap launching a new media baby, while single-momming three (awesome) kids and one (crazy-big) pup.
Determined: Passionately pursuing & building the framework and team to take from a brainstorm to reality.

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Andrea Frost

Senior Content Writer & Editor

Content Creator, Curator, Copywriter, Corporate Communicator – and lover of alliteration. Also a lover of cats, tennis, and my amazing yet often maddening offspring.
Bold: Wrote her first screenplay at the ripe old age of 47 – and got it optioned.
Brave: New career. New life. Three teenagers. ‘Nuff said.
Determined:Refuses to quit no matter what life throws at her.

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Bitsy Norwood

Web Manager & Image Specialist

Schooled in Advertising and Creative Writing at FSU, Bitsy moved to Dallas to work in print advertising and copywriting. She jumped into coding to help launch the JCPenney catalog online, then moved to content creation and management for, globe trotting to train content teams in the UK, German and Asian markets. Family brought her to Austin where she started 3BHive web consulting before joining the awesome Stout Magazine team. Devoted to family, sci-fi, bacon, Kerrygold, and a full-on menagerie of adopted pets.
Bold: Pursuing a degree in creative writing (poetry no less) and figuring the work would come somehow.
Brave: Making the leap from writing copy to writing code
Determined: From code to health to everything else-never, never, never giving up until it’s working like it should.

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