Monday Motivation: Use The Power Of Mentorship To Discover Your Mission

Monday Motivation: Use The Power Of Mentorship To Discover Your Mission

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Galileo Galilei was a Italian physicist, mathematician, astronomer, and philosopher who is often called the “father of modern science”.
Galileo’s invention of improved compasses, telescopes and microscopes revolutionized studies in astronomy and biology. His innovative experimentation pushed the scientific method toward its modern form and his philosophical observations on learning have left a lasting legacy.

“I have never met a man so ignorant that I couldn’t learn something from him.”
– Galileo Galilei



Start With A Plan
Map out where you are and where you think you want to be first so you have a solid foundation on which a mentor can help you discover your mission and build.

Find and Follow Virtual Mentors
Search for thought leaders who are a match with your mission, find where and what they share on the web and follow, subscribe or connect to their chosen channels for instant updates & inspiration. (LinkedIn and Medium are good places to connect.)

Connect With Your Community
Local events, co-working spaces and startup hubs are great places to get an in-person meet with potential mentors. Look for salon-style events (like our #stoutWORTHY and Locals Who Lead) on Eventbrite and Meetup in your city – the more people you meet, the better your chance for a mentor match!

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