Monday Motivation: Think, Act,  Master Your Craft

Monday Motivation: Think, Act, Master Your Craft

STOUT Inspiration + Action To Accelerate Your Week

Find inspiration in the definition of purpose and try our Stout Action Plan to discovering yours.


Gary Keller is an American entrepreneur and best-selling author. Keller co-founded Keller Williams, the world’s largest real estate company (by agent count), on training and education and later brought those same teachings to print. His books include The Millionaire Real Estate Agent, The Real Estate Investor, and The ONE Thing.

Currently chairman of the board, Gary originally built Keller Williams Realty International from a single office in Austin, Texas by using his skills as a teacher, trainer, and coach. He was named an Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year and finalist for Inc. Magazine’s Entrepreneur of the Year and is recognized as one of the most influential leaders in the real estate industry.

In his book The ONE Thing Keller talks about the value of focusing on the ONE most important thing in an endeavor in order to realize extraordinary results. His own ONE thing is teaching – and as a business coach and national trainer, he has focused on mastering that skill and using it to help other small business owners and entrepreneurs master their own craft and find success.

Success demands singleness of purpose.
– Gary Keller



Find Your ONE
What ONE THING would PROPEL YOU FORWARD if you gave it your whole attention today? Focus on mastering that.

Dispose Of Distractions
What items on your infinite to-do list do not support the ONE thing you just defined above? Delegate, back burner or SIMPLY LET GO of those things.

Coach Others To Learn
Mentoring and teaching someone can help YOU learn too-remembering lessons learned along your journey can make sure you stay focused on the road ahead.

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