Monday Motivation: Find Your Calling And Practice Gratitude

Monday Motivation: Find Your Calling And Practice Gratitude

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Find empowerment in Oprah Winfrey’s story of success from adversity and use our Stout Action Plan to find your calling, your courage and live purposefully.


Oprah Winfrey is an American media mogul, talk show host, actress, producer, and philanthropist.
Best known for hosting “The Oprah Winfrey Show” (the highest-rated talk show program in history) she also launched her own television network, OWN.

Born in rural poverty and raised in inner-city Milwaukee, Winfrey overcame great childhood adversity to land a job in radio and began co-anchoring local news by age nineteen. Her emotional ad-lib style earned her a daytime talk show hosting spot, and after boosting a local Chicago talk show to first place, she launched her own production and grew it to international syndication.

She is credited with revolutionizing the talk show genre, has been lauded for her incredible philanthropy and named one of the most influential women in the world.


The biggest adventure you can ever take is to live the life of your dreams.
– Oprah Winfrey



Practice Gratitude
One key Oprah has for fighting through adversity is to find ways to be thankful even in the face of challenge.

Find Your Calling
To reach your greatest potential, you should be doing what inspires you, is of value and matches your purpose.

Walk Your Talk
The hardest part of living a purpose-driven life can be having the courage to choose the right direction and forge forward even in the face of setbacks.
Don’t let fear stop you from declaring your intent and moving to your next level.

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