#Stoutways With data.world co-founder and CEO Brett Hurt

#Stoutways With data.world co-founder and CEO Brett Hurt

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Bold, Brave, and Determined

No journey can be started without these Stoutways.


Brett Hurt, CEO & Co-Founder data.world

Brett Hurt shows how Stoutways translate into action.

Serial entrepreneur and current Co-Founder and CEO of data.world, shares how being Stout played into part of his journey.


When I approached my dream girl in the gym (we were both 18)


When I re-approached her at age 21, after she had rejected me at age 18!


When she finally agreed to go out with me and then I proposed six months later!! And here we are married with two amazing kids after over 20 years!
“I joke with my friends that entrepreneurship is all about persistence when they ask me about my initial pursuit of her (and they find out that she turned me down at 18 but I stayed with it for four years finally to win my dream girl).

Persistence and Passion

Brett’s Stoutways were the secret to forming an unbreakable partnership with his wife and they also carry over to his professional life. Don’t miss reading about Brett’s Stout Journey from the game that sparked his passion for technology to leading the charge in the world of data.

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