#Fuelstop: Three Steps to Dig Deep & Grow Your GRIT

#Fuelstop: Three Steps to Dig Deep & Grow Your GRIT

Two Minute Takeaways- Fuel Up & Go!

When life gives you lemons do you:

(A) make lemonade
(B) craft a batch of limoncello & bottle some up for friends
(C) pop up a quick store @ madefromlemons.com

If you chose any of the above, congrats you’ve got GRIT.
If you chose all of the above and are now sipping a limoncello-ade cocktail while rolling in lemon-scented success, bravo, you can probably skip this and start giving lessons on GRIT.
For most of us, the answer lies somewhere between none of the above and (A).

Want to level up?
Follow our three Stout steps to dig in and GROW YOUR GRIT.

Recognize The Characteristics of Grit

In psychology, grit is “a positive, non-cognitive trait based on an individual’s perseverance of effort combined with the passion for a particular long-term goal or end state (a powerful motivation to achieve an objective).”

These are the 5 characteristics of grit according to pioneering psychologist and author of New York Times bestseller Grit Angela Duckworth.

  • Courage
    Many think of courage as just acts of physical bravery but patience, the ability to believe the unbelievable, and the guts to say “no” are all examples of courage in action.
  • Conscientiousness/Determination
    Being thorough, careful and vigilant and not resting until the job is one aspect of determination, as well as sticking to (and even strengthening) convictions in the face of opposition.
  • Perseverance
    The ability to start and steadfastly continue on a path towards goals even in the face of great challenge.
  • Resilience
    The capacity to recover quickly from difficulties, and see them as stepping stones to transformation. Being able to regroup, reset and continue often makes the difference between failure and success.
  • Passion The drive to create excellence when mediocrity will do paired with a deep sense of purpose, selflessness and an acceptance of themselves and others imperfect and growing.

Assess Which Characteristics of Grit You Have – And Use Our Stout Examples To Build Where Needed

To get a general idea of where you are, try taking Angela Duckworth’s the Grit Scale quiz.

Once you’ve determined which areas need work, hit the links below for interviews, inspiration and Stout plans to help you build your grit.

>> Remember, courage is not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. Check out stories from leaders who’ve conquered fear and have the takeaways to help you do the same.

>> Learn the power of never, ever, ever giving up (or giving in your conviction) from leaders who’ve been challenged on their direction and drive.

POWER UP YOUR PERSEVERANCE >> “If you are going through hell, keep going,” Winston Churchill famously said and we can help you learn from leaders who’ve made it through to the other side.

CULTIVATE YOUR RESILIENCE Being able to regroup, reset and continue often makes the difference between failure and success. Learn how to cultivate self-awareness and practice mindfulness. and not compare yourself to others, but rather be your own yardstick of success.

>> We’ve got examples and Stout plans to help you see life as a series of choices and options and that YOU are in the driver’s seat as you travel on your purpose-driven journey.

Choose One Goal And Apply GRIT

Take up the challenge and see how focusing on characteristics of grit powers your ability to accomplish what you want.
Take one goal, make your plan and GET GRITTY while you make it happen.

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