Monday Motivation: Change Can Do You Good

Monday Motivation: Change Can Do You Good

STOUT Inspiration + Action To Accelerate Your Week

Get inspired by Winston Churchill’s indomitable spirit then use our Stout Action Plan to see if change could do YOU good.

↳ Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill was a British statesman, writer, orator and leader. He was a Member of Parliament and served twice as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, including leading Britain’s involvement in the Allied war effort which resulted in victory in the Second World War.

Born to a British father and American mother, Churchill struggled academically and was recommended to join the military. It took him three tries to pass the exam for entrance to the Royal Military Academy, but once in, he excelled and was eventually commissioned to service.

Concerned by his lack of university education, Churchill became a voracious reader and debater, which led him to find his calling in the field of politics, where he had great success. He was awarded The Nobel Prize in Literature in 1953.

I felt as though I were walking with destiny and that all my past life had been a preparation for this hour and for this trial.”
– Winston Churchill, on becoming Prime Minister as the start of World War II


↳ 3-Step Plan To Embrace Change

Find Your Sticking Points
Assess your routine. Are there places where you’re on a treadmill–running fast, feeling like you’re getting somewhere, but actually stuck in place?

Set A New Destination
What would you change if you could? Brainstorm a no limits, pie in the sky, big ticket, anything’s possible list of where you want to be going.

Map It & GO!
Break down those “impossibles” into possible, do-able goals. Step off the treadmill, embrace change and start moving forward.

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