Monday Motivation: Get In The Game

Monday Motivation: Get In The Game

STOUT Inspiration + Action To Accelerate Your Week

Find inspiration in Michael Jordan’s slam dunk success and use our Stout Action Plan to find your own path to victory.


Michael “MJ” Jordan is an American former professional basketball player. Drafted to the Chicago Bulls, he became a defensive stand out and quickly earned the nickname of “Air Jordan” for his leaping ability, as demonstrated by performing slam dunks from the free throw line. He played 15 seasons in the National Basketball Association (NBA) and is regarded by most as the NBA’s greatest all-time player.

In his National Basketball Association (NBA) career Jordan won six NBA championship titles with the Bulls, with a brief stint in between paying minor league baseball. In his career lifetime he won six NBA Finals Most Valuable Player (MVP) Awards, ten scoring titles (both all-time records), five MVP Awards, ten All-NBA First Team designations, nine All-Defensive First Team honors, fourteen NBA All-Star Game selections, three All-Star Game MVP Awards, three steals titles, and the 1988 NBA Defensive Player of the Year Award.

Off the court, Jordan fueled the success of Nike’s Air Jordan sneakers, which have remained ever popular since their 1984 introduction. Fifteen+ years after retirement from the NBA he remains a revered figure in sports, garnering sponsorship deals with Hanes, Gatorade and Upper Deck and a majority ownership of the Charlotte Hornets.

Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen.
-Michael “MJ” Jordan



What do you REALLY want to do?
Investing the time to figure out what you really have a PASSION for doing will keep you from spinning your wheels.

What’s it going to take to get there?
You must start DOING not just planning if you want to get there- and be willing push past the “what ifs?” to pursue your NEXT LEVEL.

It isn’t all about winning
MJs secret to victory may surprise you – and RESILIENCE may be your best ally for success.

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