Monday Motivation: Cultivate Consciousness With “Serve First” Leadership

Monday Motivation: Cultivate Consciousness With “Serve First” Leadership

STOUT Inspiration + Action To Accelerate Your Week

Get inspired by Kip Tindell’s conscious business model then use our Stout Action Plan to work to serve for success.


Kip Tindell founded and has led The Container Store since it opened its doors in Dallas, Texas, in 1978. The $500-million-a-year company company now has over 39 stores and has produced 15 to 20 percent annual sales growth since its founding– all while being featured repeatedly on FORTUNE magazine’s list of “100 Best Companies to Work For.”

Tindell’s secret to success? A company culture based on people-first Foundation PrinciplesTM which employees and mangers worked together to create using a personal “philosophy epistle file” of Tindell’s which he opened up to share. This shared set of set of values and knowledge has resulted in superior customer service and an employee-first culture with low turnover and incredible loyalty.

Tindall has focused on making The Container Store a conscious business– one having a higher purpose, a reason for existing beyond just making a profit, that serves the interests of all of the stakeholders in their business simultaneously. Conscious businesses create cultures that are trusting, authentic, innovative and caring, and are led by servant leaders who are more concerned about the collective good and success of everyone at their company than their own personal gain.

There’s nothing more exciting than truly admiring the people with whom you work.
-Kip Tindell



Cultivate Consciousness
Define your purpose first- that reason your endeavor exists beyond just making a profit. Then set goals that focus on creating success for ALL stakeholders, not just yourself.

Share The Burden AND Benefit
Empower everyone on your team to bring their ideas to the table and work through challenges together. Show that you value their experience and knowledge by trusting them to implement solutions and ensure credit goes to them for success.

Fill Up Their Tank
Like The Container Store principal “Fill the other guy’s basket to the brim”- focus on how you can help your customers, vendors, employees, or community succeed. The more win-win situations you create, the more you will succeed in everything you do.

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