3 Steps to finding & embracing the power of your voice

3 Steps to finding & embracing the power of your voice

How can you find & embrace your voice?

We found an introspective kick-start for finding your voice in a great article by Inc. writer Kelli Richard. Though aimed at women entrepreneurs, her points are relevant to anyone looking to improve confidence and stand out from the crowd. Richard highlights the importance of voice for giving others a sense of your reliability, credibility, consistency, and trustworthiness-all classic keys to success.

The #stout Summary:
How you communicate who you are is how the world will relate to you- the power to shape your own image is in your hands, you just need to find and embrace the voice that is authentically, completely your own.

The #stout Takeaways:
1. Surround yourself with your tribe
   Explore what a “tribe” is and how to find yours.
2. Challenge yourself to express yourself in different ways.
   Get creative inspiration from five diverse execs.
3. Draw on your own stories.
   Find ideas on delving into your story in our #Stoutways profiles on Brett Hurt, Hugh Forrest, Katie Fang and more.

Robin Williams (as teacher John Keating) famously encouraged his young students in the movie Dead Poets Society to “Strive to find their voice”–that the inspiration is relevant to anyone at any age seeking their #Stout. Start with the steps above and then use your voice to be a leader!