Stout Magazine’s Hot List For Pursuing Mastery

Stout Magazine’s Hot List For Pursuing Mastery

Go All In
Per Robert Greene, author of best-selling book Mastery, INTENSITY OF DESIRE and COMMITMENT TO THE PROCESS are the top factors to achieving mastery. Read our #Stout highlights from his 5-Step Path To Mastery to kick off your pursuit.

Get Schooled
Carve out time to attend a course, seminar or workshop. Whether online through MasterClass or in person like this Storytelling Workshop by Start With Story‘s Lyn Graft put yourself in sponge mode and soak up all you can.


Acquire An Apprenticeship
Seek out a mentor who is a master of what you want to learn and ask them to challenge and critique you. Embrace the feedback and use it to direct and build each step forward to your next level.


Expand Your Horizons
Be open to experiment with different ways to push yourself forward. Try Creative Mornings, PechaKucha, NaNoWriMo or even a morning walk, run or bike through nature to ignite your creative energy.

Hone Your EQ
At the heart of pursuing mastery is awareness and intuition – take a look inside to build better connections and grow yourself.


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