The Importance of Always Living With Health

The Importance of Always Living With Health

Elizabeth Quintanilla-stout-guest-contributor
As part of our Stout focus this month on Fresh Starts for 2018, guest contributor Elizabeth Quintanilla, Chief Marketing Gunslinger at Marketing Gunslingers/EQ Consultants Group shares her unique perspective (in a two-part series) on the link between health and prosperity, and the mission her own experiences have led her to undertake.

Health, Wealth and Happiness. Without the first, the others are an impossibility. So how can you resolve to get all three in the coming year?

Happy New Year and I wish you much fun, prosperity, health and love in 2018! But I have a confession to make: this time of year has always been a low point for me.

Most of us tend to make several resolutions for the new year to meet our personal, professional, and stretch goals. Unfortunately winter gloom tends to bring out my worst self; being overly self-critical and questioning my purpose and existence. This is my secret self, since my public social media persona has been called “happy rainbow unicorn”, and I make an extra effort to choose to be upbeat and positive.

Another secret I have to share – I spent years feeling sick, fighting to hold onto that positive public persona while privately battling with my health.

However, my life began to change once I did one thing: focused on my health, and preventing an outright health disaster. My background is business and technology, but I almost lost all of that when my own health was failing. At the time, I was struggling to understand and implement the concepts behind living with health and wellness.

For those who may not know, I am a Lyme disease survivor, and reversed pre-diabetes with a focused effort on changing my lifestyle habits. The secret: real change happens when you align your attention with your intention – and then take action. Once I recovered my health, I started to thrive not only physically, but in every area of my life. Personally and professionally, I gained clarity of purpose, true fulfillment, and happiness once I was free to truly be me.

In the years since this transformation, I have been told by many that my experiences have inspired and motivated them – which in turn inspired and motivated me to take a purpose-driven path. I realize that I have been called to share how living a full, healthy life will enable anyone to reach their version of success.

So even though this isn’t my time of year, I made a New Year’s resolution.

I am launching my website,  “Living with Health”, to connect with thousands of people across the globe, and build an engaged community of like-minded, positive individuals supporting each other’s health and wellness goals. This website will be a passion project meant to serve – to share is to serve, after all. We will help some re-acquire their lost health, and aid others in achieving success while we all learn how to be healthier. The plan is that everyone who visits will feel great and having a better understanding of how to move forward with becoming healthy – not just in body, but in life. When the heart is happy, your mind, body, and soul are too. A happy body is a brighter you, and success is attracted by light just like the proverbial moth to a flame.

Health and Wellness can be divided into five buckets: Mindfulness, Nutrition, Exercise, Sleep and Community.

In Part II of my column (coming next week to Stout Magazine), I will cover each of these key aspects in depth, and finish by sharing my Four Simple Steps to Success in Health and Prosperity.

Elizabeth Quintanilla-stout-guest-contributor
Elizabeth Quintanilla is a positive, creative, people-oriented, performance-driven Marketing Gunslinger. As a consultant and speaker, she focuses on understanding the customer perspective and consults on a variety of topics: online technologies and strategies, social business, marketing (traditional, online, social, content, Go-To-Market), product marketing, and demand generation. 

She has a broad-base of experience in multiple industries including: aerospace, franchise, IT, software, and real estate. As an expert communicator, she explains complex concepts in understandable terms and delivers high-quality creative solutions to ensure product and customer success. 
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A #StoutSHOUT from us to Ms. Quintanilla for sharing her inspiring journey and purpose with our readers. Read on for our #STOUT takeaways, and click here to read more on fresh starts from Stout Magazine.

#Stout Takeaways – Quintanilla’s Journey, Part I:

Match Your Inside and Outside: Keeping up a public persona can be both physically and emotionally draining. Taking time to fix what’s troubling you on the inside will free up time and energy that you can put towards your passion. When your inside and outside match, the harmony is palpable, and success is drawn to you.

Share Your Experience: Giving back – sharing to serve – doesn’t just benefit the recipients of your knowledge and insights. Providing support and resources for others can build you up as well, through shared gratitude and new connections.

Passion Delivers Purpose and Possibilities: Quintanilla’s passion for sharing her experience has led her to develop her own website to help others. Not only does she have a purpose to channel her talents into, she will be building a network of mutual supporters that she can rely on as well. Passionately giving back to others often opens not only hearts, but new doors as well.