#Stout Commencement Highlights PLUS Our Top 3 Takeaways For Graduates

Two Minute Takeaways- Fuel Up & Go!

Graduation Inspiration

From Will Ferrell to Oprah to Admiral William McRaven, FUEL UP with Stout Magazine’s “best of” commencement speeches clips.


Your Journey Starts Here

From funny to poignant to powerful, we hope some of our favorite moments from commencement speeches will inspire you to face the road ahead with a bold, brave, and determined #stout mindset.

Whether you’re graduating from school or moving on to a new career or life moment, follow these top three stoutTakeaways to fuel you on the path.

Stout Insights
  How to #StartStout and #StayStout  
Be Brave – Go Boldly
Declare what you want. It’s not just a five year mission, it’s the rest of your life so don’t hold back.
Define your purpose and live it everyday
Find what speaks to you and DO THAT- embrace who you are at your very core.
Failure is a great teacher
Use what you learn to sharpen and fuel you for the next step on your journey.

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