StoutSHOUT: To New Orleans for #MardiGras to #YardiGras Resiliency

StoutSHOUT: To New Orleans for #MardiGras to #YardiGras Resiliency

Calling out Stout In Action

Honoring New Orleans Area Residents for Rallying to Keep The Spirit of Mardi Gras Going

#StoutSHOUT to NOLA for putting safety first and still finding new possibilities from #KrewofHouseFloats to virtual parades to digital throws.

The Krewe of House Floats has a map to the fun, a virtual tour and a great cause- helping neighbors in need through partnerships with Culture Aid NOLA and Grace at The Greenlight.

No Parades? No Problem!

Normally the weeks before Fat Tuesday would find the streets of New Orleans and surrounding cities filled with revelers, all yelling for float riders to “Throw Me Something Mister!” This year residents and leaders are working hard to #StaySafe – which meant the usual parades and celebrations of Mardi Gras had to be cancelled to keep the crowds away. But this is an area brimming with resiliency and true to form they are making sure that the good time will still roll.

Turning Mardi Gras to Yardi Gras

Inspired by the elaborate floats that are the decor du jour for Mardi Gras, the intrepid #KreweofHouseFloats asked resident to turn their houses and yards into standing floats that properly socially distanced walkers or cars could drive by keep Mardi Gras tradition alive by effectively turning the parade goers into the parade!

Want to join in the #YardiGras fun? Take this virtual tour of house floats see the map of where house floats are popping up or check out awesome #YardiGras and #kreweofhousefloats posts on Twitter and instagram and Facebook.

#StoutMove: Turning Challenge To Possibility

As highlighted in a recent inspiring Stout Magazine Friday Fuel from our founder Christi Hester, (subscribe now to get it FREE)

New opportunities and environments are being created; these problems we are facing will yield solutions and that is something to get excited about-embrace all the promise of possibility.
– Stout Founder, Christi Hester

The New Orleans area #MardiGras to #YardiGras movement highlights how resiliency in the face of challenge and change can fire up creativity and open our eyes to ways to not only overcome but to thrive. Take a page from our founder, Stout Magazine and the house floats Krewe that re-imagined Mardi Gras — embrace possibility and Laissez les bon temps rouler! (That’s N’awlins for let the good times roll)

J Pierre Float House Art

Wanda Rouzan enjoying her J Pierre house float!

BONUS: Check out the StoutWays of this NOLA artist!

New Orleans artist J Pierre did some amazing work on several house floats this year- including one for his Theater teacher and mentor Wanda Rouzan, an amazing Singer, Actress, and Dancer and female legend in New Orleans. Keep an eye out for more on J Pierre’s Stoutways and his work on a flood wall mural series covering the history of the city that is a testament to its resilience through change.