#FuelStop:  Take The Stout Challenge To Unplug  And Recharge

#FuelStop: Take The Stout Challenge To Unplug And Recharge

Two Minute Takeaways- Fuel Up & Go!

Turn off. Fade to black. Clear the slate.

Use our 4-Step Stout Challenge to pull the plug on your digital connection to see how “going dark” can help you reset & recharge.

Step 1:
Power Down To Power Up

Power down all those devices- phones, computers, tablets, even that over connected smart watch- and put them out of reach if possible.
If you must be available for family emergencies, use your phone settings to only allow certain numbers or repeated calls to bypass a strict do not disturb mode.
For more inspiration on how to power down, get our Stout takeaways from Arianna Huffington and Katy Perry’s talk about embracing “Shut-Off Sundays”.

Step 2:
Give Your Brain A Break

Sleep deficiency a real problem in our “always on” work culture. Taking a nap, sleeping in an extra hour or going to bed earlier (no electronics allowed) is a great way to kick off your unplug.
When you get up, take a few minutes to simply sit quietly or meditate. Creating a moment of calm can ease your brain awake and help frame the digital-free day ahead.
If you need help with getting zen when you come back online, try a guided meditation like this one from Jason Stephenson or an app like Calm.

Step 3:
Unleash Your Creativity

Whether you work in a creative field or not, everyday tasks, deadlines, client demands and the constant ping of communication to be answered can stifle your imaginative side. Grab some blank paper and doodle (Sunni Brown details how it can improve comprehension). Or if words are you thing, break out a paper journal and go to town writing down anything and everything kicking around in your mind (it can improve memory). Prefer a more physical method? Get up and dance like nobody’s watching-making up those moves can help you think on the fly better at work too.

Step 4:
Connect With Nature

Research has shown that nature, eco, and adventure therapies (NEATs) can improve mental health. Escape the screens that surround us everywhere by getting outside- whether at a city park, nearby hiking trail or your own back yard, nature is a perfect way to unplug.
For a great look at how you can tap into the power of the outdoors, take the journey with a Londoner turned Austin local Sarah Ivens in her new book Forest Therapy.

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