Stoutworthy:  Eyecatching  Activations at SXSW

Stoutworthy: Eyecatching Activations at SXSW

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SXSW Offers STOUT Lessons In How To Stand Out

SXSW is packed with brands vying for eyeballs. Here are a few that pulled Stout’s team from our session-focused reverie and offer some great ideas for activating your own brand. Stout’s top tips: Create a collective, harness star power or go all out.



Curated Crafters & Passion Projects

This off-site warehouse install turned up the heat with a curated blend of craft masters and passion projects surrounding a centerpiece of made-to-order fun, fiery (literally) and delightfully delicious treats.

Joe Manganiello grew up playing Dungeons & Dragons and his passion project Death Saves streetwear is inspired by classic aesthetics and art from the fantasy realm.

These amazingly detailed Custom painted sneakers are a walking work of art in progress.

Stout Magazine’s Andrea Frost gets the scoop from the clothing designer behind Book of Nines


Can’t get much hotter than food “baked” to order with blowtorches.


Cozy Star-Powered Hang Out

Fresh coffee, treats and star powered chats created a whole lot of buzz for this SXSW chill spot.


Olivia Wilde chats with fans at The Bumble Hive (yes that’s Stout’s Christi Hester catching the action in the background!)


Over The Top Full Event Experience

Characters peppered throughout SXSW venues, custom wrapped buses and an epic block-long red-roped Garden of Earthly Delights- this activation pulled out all the stops to craft an immersive “not to be missed” experience.