Monday Motivation: Mid year Gut Check–Turn It Up To 11!

Monday Motivation: Mid year Gut Check–Turn It Up To 11!

STOUT Inspiration + Action To Accelerate Your Week

Mid year gut check! Take a break, have a laugh and the use our Stout Action Plan to amp up the rest of your year!

↳ This Is Spinal Tap’s Nigel Tufnel

This Is Spinal Tap , the classic comedy mockumentary about a once-famous, now almost forgotten British heavy metal band returning to the United States after 17 years for a concert tour, is filled with quotable moment like this one from Spinal Tap band member Nigel Tufnel:

I remember being knocked out by their… their exuberance, their raw power… and their punctuality.
Marty DiBergi in This Is Spinal Tap


↳ 3-Step Plan To #BringOutYourStout.

Aim Higher
Take inspiration from Christopher Guest’s character Nigel Tufnel in the cult classic mockumentary, This is Spinal Tap by aiming one higher. Have you thought about what could happen if you turned it up to eleven? Raise the stakes by thinking BIGGER to open up to what’s possible. It can also help to identify gaps and potential new roads, partnerships or relationships to explore. Whether self-imposed or not wanting to rock the industry standard boat, what’s really stopping you from turning up your goal setting another notch?

Change It Up
Adjust your weekly routine by trying something new. No room for one more single thing? It could be time to table something for a while or moving on from altogether. Try editing out something that might be dragging you down or spinning your wheels on.

Just, Go!
The time for ACTION is now, so ready or not, get going!! Pick up the phone, yes, an actual call. Follow up to clean up something that you might have been putting off or reach out to that person that keeps coming to mind. It might give you a fresh perspective and create a new energy flow you didn’t have before. You won’t know until you do, and in the doing is where momentum can be created. You’ve got this!

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