Success is a continuous journey- eight traits to keep you fueled on the path

Renowned author Richard St. John reminds us in his TED talk that the path to success is typically not a one-way street to a finite destination, but rather a continuous journey.

St. John highlights that continued success requires the constant application of his highly researched “8 To Be Great” traits of successful people and that getting into a comfort zone by believing we have reached the “destination of success” is what often leads to to stop achieving.

Here are the eight STOUTworthy traits St. John lists as crucial to staying on the path to success:

1. Passion -> Get out there and explore many paths
2. Work   -> Success does not come easy
3. Focus  -> Worry about your interest, not your ability
4. Push    -> If you have self-doubt, you are not alone
5. Ideas   -> The best way to have a great idea is to have a lot of idea
6. Improve    -> Practice to constantly improve yourself and what you do
7. Serve   -> Listen to others and serve them something they appreciate
8. Persist   -> To succeed a lot, it helps to fail a lot


Being true to the things that ignite YOUR passion can be the fuel for not only achieving, but also sustaining success both in business and in personal life.  Incorporating St. John’s eight traits into your journey is a great way to #BringYourStoutOut!