#STOUT Strategies: How one successful non-profit leader fuels up to save lives.

#STOUT Strategies: How one successful non-profit leader fuels up to save lives.

As the Executive Director of Colin’s Hope, a non-profit organization whose mission is to raise water safety awareness to prevent children from drowning, Alissa Magrum is well aware of the need to recharge.

Her job – which includes educational presentations, community outreach, fundraising, campaign planning and most recently serving as an ambassador for The Bolder Board – is a busy one. And while it is often filled with the joy that comes from being dedicated to saving lives, there is also a constant awareness of those who were lost, who inspired the work that Colin’s Hope and other organizations like it are doing. Stout Magazine spoke with Alissa to find out how the woman directing this #Stoutworthy cause keeps herself energized.

Alissa Magrum of Colin’s Hope gets physical for a good cause. Photo courtesy of Alissa Magrum.

Stout: How do you recharge, refresh and rejuvenate?

Alissa: That’s easy, I get physical. I am self aware enough to know that it is non-negotiable for my to start each day with exercise (and a STOUT cup of good coffee). I let no excuse get in my way. I know that if I miss a swim, or a run or a bike ride, I will be unbalanced all day long and far less productive in my professional job and my job as a mom. It is in those early morning moments that I find my peace in the pool, or I solve a problem on a technical trail run, or simply just get a good burn in my muscles on the mountain bike trail. The work I do each day is heavy and emotional. If I am uncharged, it shows and I will be drained physically and emotionally. I am plugged in to my needs and pull from my passion place to just get up and get it done. And yes, there are days when getting up at 5am to exercise is epically hard – but that’s why I go for the good coffee.

Something else that really helps me feel refreshed is to look at the world through a positive lens. I am always on the search for that silver lining or that little piece of learning or growth. When I find it, I feel the increased energy and recharge happening and can use the energy to find my happy place again.

Alissa’s Refuel -Refresh- Recharge Plan

Step 1: Determine what drains and uncharges me (this is anything that takes my energy and resources throughout the day from work to parenting to personal challenges). I try to keep those draining things to a minimum or at least manage the energy I allow them to take from me.
Step 2: Once determined, identify the thing or things that are fuel to my battery (or in other words, what makes me feel alive or at peace or even better–both alive AND at peace).
Step 3: Source and harness that fuel and go get it. Do not allow little excuses to get in the way.
Step 4: Repeat and Recycle as needed— at least daily.


Want to try Alissa’s “get physical” recharge strategy – and do some good at the same time? Become a Colin’s Hope Athlete Ambassador! Athlete Ambassadors participate in walks, marathons, triathlons, swims and just about every other activity you can think of around the country in the name of drowning prevention. To learn more about this amazing way to support water safety awareness, visit the Althlete Ambassador page at Colin’sHope.org. Now that’s a #STOUTworthy way to recharge.