Authenticity, Bravery & Inner Strength – The Impact of an Entrepreneur Parent

Successful entrepreneurs can leave many legacies for their children: trust funds, vacation homes, hospital wings bearing the family name. In Rachel Hurt’s case, her parents have given her something even more valuable – the gift of self-confidence.

Children learn what they live (see the 1972 poem by bearing the same title by Dorothy Law Nolte), and after listening to Rachel’s 2016 Tedx Talk, it’s obvious that her mom and dad have made sure she has lived with encouragement, support, acceptance, kindness and so many more of the traits that shape a strong, accomplished person.

“There is no growth in the comfort zone, and no comfort in the growth zone.”
Steve Clark as quoted by Rachel Hurt

What’s also clear is that she is embracing the same bold, brave and determined approach to life that has earned her father, Founder and CEO Brett Hurt, so much entrepreneurial success. Delivering a confident-beyond-her-years speech touching on authenticity, bravery and inner strength, this is one shiny apple that has fallen directly under the paternal tree.

Takeaways for #StoutParents (from the wisdom of a #StoutKid):

Strive for Authenticity.
Encourage your child to look beyond the exterior and embrace what makes them unique. Even if they are unsure on the inside, being authentic gives the appearance of confidence – they believe enough to express their true selves.

Be Brave.
Fulfilling dreams requires vulnerability; a person must be willing to be exposed to rejection and failure. Because of this, we are at our bravest when we take risks. Support your child’s bravery with encouragement for effort as well as accomplishment, and praise for both success and failure.

Never Stop Growing.
According to Rachel, trying something new is your “ticket on the journey to self-discovery”. It takes self-awareness and an intimate honesty to be able to transform ourselves from within, and it’s not easy – especially for kids.
Help your kids #BringTheirSTOUTOut by encouraging them to meet new people and embrace new activities and experiences, moving them out of their comfort zone and into their growth zone.