Shark Tank’s Daymond John Gets Personal: Make This Your #1 Priority

Turns out that even sharks have something to fear (and it’s not Ian Ziering wielding a chainsaw).

On the hit TV show Shark Tank, investor Daymond John is known for tackling business issues straight on, and not mincing words.

In the wake of a thyroid cancer diagnosis and subsequent surgery, he is now tackling personal health the same way. John made the rounds on numerous media outlets sharing his story – as in the video above.
And at the recent Capitalism Conference in Austin, TX, he used the closing portion of his time as a keynote speaker to deliver a personal plea to all in attendance about making their health their #1 priority.

“I couldn’t care less about anything we’ve talked about with success; none of that matters if you don’t have your health.”
– Daymond John


Christi Hester, Stout Magazine founder and publisher Daymond John, Shark Tank Investor

Christi Hester, Stout Magazine founder and publisher with Daymond John, Shark Tank Investor at The Capitalism Conference

Stout had a chance meet John at the conference, and we came away with these #Stout Takeaways from the man known as The People’s Shark.

▪ Wealth without health is meaningless.
John cites the proverbial connection between wealth and health: you can’t take it with you. Make sure that you are around to enjoy your success by putting your health at the top of your to-do list.

▪ Don’t put it off.
As John points out, early detection very possibly saved his life, and he encourages everyone to proactively seek checkups. You would definitely monitor the financial health of a company you were invested in. So why wouldn’t you monitor the health of your biggest investment – yourself?

▪ Don’t kid yourself thinking you’re invincible.
You have to put in the work – don’t think you can slide by and catch up later. Diet & exercise – make it happen before it becomes a problem.

Now is the perfect time to set new priorities. For more making a Fresh Start for 2018, check out these Stout suggestions on taking charge of your health, embracing a clean slate and living a consciously designed life.

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