Stout Journey: Brett Hurt On Building the dream team for

When CEO and Founder Brett Hurt decided to get back into the arena after a three-year hiatus, he wasn’t quite sure what he wanted to do next, but he was certain about who he wanted along for the ride.

To help him define his newest venture, Hurt tapped the best minds he knew – old friends and former leaders from his Bazaarvoice team, and a fellow success pioneer from Homeaway. In moving Matt Laessig, Jon Loyens and Bryon Jacob from tribe to teammates, Brett assembled a dream team with the vision, heart, and drive to create and execute. Together they formed, the most meaningful, abundant data resource in the world. With its launch, they hoped to make an impact by helping others solve problems faster. Have they succeeded? You bet – this team is Stout with clout.

“Let’s do something that’s truly bigger than anything we’ve done before. And we came up with”

Brett Hurt
Sparkletar: Business Suit
Stout Skills: Founder of 6 successful companies, conscious capitalist and consumer
Stout Quality: PASSION


“I’ve always had a maybe-delusional belief that I can do things.”

Matt Laessig
Sparkletar: Ninja
Stout Skills: Global business developer, 7-time American Ninja Warrior competitor & Guinness record holder
Stout Quality: DRIVE (#BigOldNinja)


“It’s a bigger failure to come up with something that only has mediocre results and then letting that limp along. If something sort of works, keep changing it until it fails or until it’s great.”

Jon Loyens
Sparkletar: Electric Guitar
Stout Skills: Rockin’ engineering leader, avid tennis player and lead guitarist for The Midgetmen
Stout Quality: CURIOUS


“I want to work with people who are great at their job and know they are. So there’s a little bit of swagger, but who are also humble and want to work together and bring everyone’s ideas to the table.”

Bryon Jacob
Sparkletar: Half-Cyborg
Stout Skills: Acquisition integration wizard (30 times over)

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