Success takes a “thrive tribe”- how to build yours

Success takes a “thrive tribe”- how to build yours

Whether your call it your network, circle, support system, or – as  Tanya Caruso, clothing designer for Concept Sports defines it – your “thrive tribe”, we all need people in our life to help guide us through our unique journey.

For Caruso, the inspiration to name her group a “thrive tribe”  came from a study of the Gabra tribe in Kenya. The Gabra tribe rejects Western culture because they believe its influence would diminish their traditions of a transitory lifestyle, agrarian society, and willingness to help one another – a key factor since mutual support is essential for their survival as nomads.

The Gabra tribe lives by the proverb: “a poor man shames us all,” meaning no member will be allowed to go without help from the tribe.

Why is cultivating a “thrive tribe” so important?
Achieving your goals takes hard work, perseverance, positivity, and a great group to guide you along the way. Having tribe members around you to assist with any inquiry, to help you define goals, and offer assistance, advice and support along the way can make your journey to success an easier and richer experience.

To build a successful “thrive tribe”, seek out members who:

  • Help Willingly
    Just like the Gabra tribe, thrive tribes must help one another, even when there is nothing in it for themselves.
  • Value Respect
    Tribe members must have respect for one another and themselves.
  • Exhibit Passion for Their Work
    It’s inspiring to be surrounded by a tribe who is constantly working to turn their passions into realities.
  • Celebrate Their Differences
    Having tribe members from various backgrounds and talents can give you valuable new perspectives and round out weaknesses you might have.

What’s the best way to find your tribe?
Be open to new experiences and people. Look for connections and opportunities and select those who make you want to level up. Share your gifts as well by reaching out to others who you feel you can make a positive contribution.

Happy Tribing!