StoutWORTHY:  A MONSTER Celebration of Craft

StoutWORTHY: A MONSTER Celebration of Craft

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Halloween By Design 2019 Has It All!

Showcasing talented local designers, chefs and musicians while benefiting local non profits? That crafty combination makes this event a StoutWorthy pick!


What’s It All About?

Founded in 2018 by Austin entrepreneur and musician Lurleen Ladd, Halloween By Design is an annual Halloween celebration and fundraiser highlighting the best of Austin designers, chefs and artists. The festive event, inspired by Ladd’s unabashed love of all-things-Halloween, creates a one-of-a-kind Austin Halloween experience while benefiting a roster of non-profit organizations. This year’s event is co-chaired by Kip and Melinda Garvey.

Sure to delight Halloween lovers and film buffs alike, Halloween By Design’s main attraction will offer guests an exclusive opportunity to explore a village of meticulously designed sets inspired by iconic monsters of the silver screen.

Halloween By Design shadowbox at The Hill Country Galleria

Renowned Austin-based film set decorator, Bart Brown (Alita: Battle Angel, Planet Terror, Machete), along with a roster of talented Austin designers, will transform the sprawling venue into an homage to vintage monster-themed films including The Wolf Man (1941), Dracula (1931), The Invisible Man (1933), Frankenstein (1931) and Creature from the Black Lagoon (1954).

Additional entertainment includes readings from Mood by Moss, fantasy makeup booth by Eleve Cosmetics, casino gaming, live auction led by Heath Hale, and a curated Halloween by Design pop-up store — together, creating an unforgettable night of Halloween fun amongst the backdrop of a beautiful Hill Country venue.

Don’t Miss This Monster Celebration of Craft

When & Where:
October 19, 2019 7 p.m.- 10:30 p.m. Star Hill Ranch in Austin, TX

▪ Spectacular classic horror sets by Bart Brown ▪ Scratch made bites & craft cocktails from renowned local Austin chefs ▪ Aura readings ▪ Fantasy makeup booth ▪ Casino gaming ▪ Live auction ▪ Curated Halloween Shop ▪ Live music from Kelly Willis

Visit the Halloween By Design website to get your tickets now. Come out, have fun & help raise funds and awareness for four Central Texas non-profit organizations: Health Alliance for Austin Musicians (HAAM), Hays-Caldwell Women’s Center (HCWC), Goodwill Central Texas and The Shade Project.

Caroline Ladd

Caroline Ladd

Monstrous Illustrations
for the Halloween By Design Classic Monster Bash

Design Goal:
My goal for this project was to create portraits of some of the most widely-known classic monster movie characters, so Dracula, Frankenstein, Wolf-man, and Bride of Frankenstein. Primarily, I pulled from movies done in the 1930s-1950s, and tried to stick with the originals rather than remakes. I wanted to make illustrations that capture the intense nature of these monster characters, but at the same time, make them very punchy, fun, and colorful!

I wanted to create illustrations that really captured the classic beauty of the 1900s cinematography that these movies were initially shot in. The characters had to look classic and recognizable, but also have a fair amount and color and flare. While all these movies were initially shot in black and white, the movie poster advertisements were able to be wildly colorful and saturated. So a lot of my inspiration came from studying them and their use of color.

What’s your process?
I like to do a lot of research before I start a project so I can style the piece correctly. So for this one I collected many different screenshots and images from the movies themselves. Then, I looked online to see how other artists had chosen to illustrate these movie characters. That was definitely interesting, because so many of these other artists had looked at these images and created their own unique twist. The characters are just so memorable and interesting that I think many artists are drawn to them. And of course, I watched the movies themselves. Which was very fun because even though I knew the char-acters, I’d not actually seen any of these classic movies before. Watching them and understanding the characters really helped me depict their individual personalities.

Caroline Ladd/s Monstrous Illustrations for the Halloween By Design Classic Monster Bash

Any skills or inspirations from other disciplines you tapped into?
These were all done in markers and pens, a medium that I’m still in the process of learning. I’ve worked with paint in the past and have taken a course in portraiture, and those skills definitely helped. A lot of my previous portraits were done in graphite, so including colors and markers into it was definitely a fun new way of working. I believe some of my past painting experience came through though, and I ended up treating the markers like they were watercolors. I laid down multiple layers to build form, and then worked over the final image with colored gel pens to add details and highlights.

Any struggles along the way?
The Bride of Frankenstein was definitely the hardest, she’s very fair so I had to try a couple different times to make sure that the markers were the correct shade. Getting all her hair in the picture also took a couple tries, though it was wildly fun to draw. Wolf-man’s fur was also tricky, so I had to restart a cou-ple times. Mostly to test out the best way to illustrate a face covered in fur, and still have it be a recog-nizable character.
What do you hope others experience from this work?
These characters are such a big part of the Halloween season, so I hope more artists will be inspired to make their own interpretations on them! And I really hope that people will see these pieces and get ex-cited about Halloween by Design, an event that also does a great job with combining the spooky and scary with beautiful designs. Lastly, I hope that these illustrations help everyone get into the spooky spirit as the Halloween season begins!
Who are your top influencers and why?
I just found the illustrator Adolfo Serra, his work is wildly colorful and playful. What I really enjoy about his work is that he uses a wide range of tools and mediums to make an illustration. I’ve also been heavily influenced by the New York based illustrator, Yuko Shimizu, and her fantastic skill for creating beautiful compositions that are full of colors, movement, and complex line-making.

Check out more of Caroline’s work at: Website: Instagram: caroline_ladd2973

Check out A Preview

Watch the video for spooky highlights, a fabulous signature cocktail recipe and then visit the Halloween By Design website to get your tickets. Check back often for all the latest updates and more details on the designers, musicians and artists making this a one-of-a-kind, don’t miss Austin event!


Austin Visual Designs team Debbie Burns, Pam Kurr and their assistant Karen Jacobs
at Halloween B Design 2018

Austin Visual Design

Decor for the Halloween By Design Classic Monster Bash

Design Goal:
To create a magical experience with a precise attention to detail.

We have worked with Lurleen (Founder of Halloween By Design) for the past several years bringing the amazing vision to life. She inspires us to think out of the box to create the most memorable settings!

What’s your process?
Research location space, site and decor items, as well as online for ideas.

Any skills or inspirations from other disciplines you tapped into?
Set design, set decorator and property master on independent films. Designed and Manufactured our own clothing line and sold to retail national retail stores. Event and holiday decorating and activation for over 30years.

Austin Visual Design adds to the atmosphere at Halloween By Design

Any struggles along the way?
Perfection in a timely manner to make deadlines. Outside of this event are often challenged with change in the weather.

What do you hope others experience from this work?
We want people to experience a departure from the ordinary.

Can you share your design philosophy and/or influences?
When we see the joy in people admiring our work we know we have successfully accomplished creating a memorable experience. We are total opposites and we bring/draw/compliment great ideas from each other.

Check out more of the Austin Visual Design team’s work at: Website: Facebook: Austin Visual Design


Lurleen Ladd, Founder of Halloween By Design

Who’s Behind Halloween By Design?

Founder Lurleen Ladd’s love of Halloween began as a child with annual Halloween parties thrown in her family’s garage, complete with costumes, crepe paper, and bobbing for apples. She continued this tradition with her own children. Over time, the family party became a fundraiser for The Shade Project, a non-profit founded by Lurleen and her husband, Dr. Dan Ladd. Halloween by Design draws on those many past successful events but has expanded to include amazing art and design. Broadening the focus also means bringing more non-profits into the mix to raise much needed funds for local organizations.