Stoutways featuring Komal Sheth,  Principal Designer/Owner of Spaces Designed

Stoutways featuring Komal Sheth, Principal Designer/Owner of Spaces Designed

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Bold, Brave, and Determined
No journey can be started without these STOUTways.

stoutways bold brave determined Realtor and Designer

Komal Sheth, Principal Designer/Owner of Spaces Designed in Austin Texas

But how does that translate into action?
Komal Sheth, Principal Designer/Owner of Spaces Designed in Austin, Texas, reveals how being Stout played into part of her journey.

BOLD – After having worked as an employee for about three years, I opened my own business, Spaces Designed interior design studio. It was very soon after my first daughter was born in 2005, and one of my first projects was a large, multi-million dollar remodel – but that never deterred me. In fact, it motivated me and led to multiple awards, which further propelled my business.

BRAVE – While I am an immigrant to the US, I never doubted that I could succeed in my adopted homeland. It is truly the land of opportunity if you are willing to work hard and persevere.

DETERMINED – There are times when problems crop up in a deal or project, and it seems impossible to make forward progress. Those are times when I take a deep breath and restart the process step-by-step. It has almost always worked out; perseverance always pays off.


“Create Your Own Path.”

stoutmagazine stoutways bold brave determined

Spaces Designed: Modern High Rise

For the average person, the safe approach to a fork in the road is to choose one direction. But Komal Sheth is neither average nor does she believe in playing it safe. When faced with two options for using her artistic and entrepreneurial talents, her response was to double down – and blaze a new trail right down the middle.

That brave path led Komal to found Spaces Designed – a multifaceted real estate agency integrating architecture, remodeling and interior design for luxurious, high-end residential and commercial real estate. Incorporating both areas of expertise into her business means that her projects require more of her time and skills, but to Komal, the ability to serve her clients more thoroughly is well worth the extra effort.

“I love to be a person who can make people think differently, creatively, which in turn helps to come up with out-of-the box solutions when selling, buying, negotiating contracts, mediating and coming up with creative mortgage solutions. I want my clients to benefit from my combined expertise as a Realtor and Designer, my keen eye for quality and attention to detail.”


Spaces Designed: Tru-Skin Dermatology Lakepointe Office

It’s also a savvy business move in two very crowded professions. The market is packed with Interior Designers, and plenty of Realtors as well. But those who do both, especially at the level of Spaces Designed, are few and far between. With her doubly versatile approach, Komal has been able to create a strong unique selling proposition, and stake out a niche that offers her clients real added value while minimizing the hassles of dealing with multiple providers. Komal explains it this way:

“Real Estate is all about house appeal, and who better to help a Seller increase the desirability of the house than an Interior Designer that has a team of pre-vetted contractors at hand to easily ensure that all make-ready aspects of a home are promptly addressed? And who better to help a Buyer assess the potential livability and appeal of a house than an Interior Designer; I can help them visualize what the space can look like once remodeled. Finally, smart interior design is all about ensuring optimal cost/benefit, so who better than a Realtor to guide a homeowner on the sweet spot of their remodeling budget? It doesn’t make sense to splurge on remodels that price the home out of the local market.”

Engle & Volkers: Komal Sheth, Realtor®


Clients and industry experts agree. In the past seven years, Komal has garnered more than 20 awards for her work, on projects ranging from residential kitchens, baths and full home remodels to medical office space and a hospital ER. Examples of her work can be found on her design website, Spaces Designed, and more project information is also available on her realty site with Engel & Volkers, Austin.

Komal says that she founded Spaces Designed with a singular goal – partnering with each client to help them live or work, beautifully. Goal achieved, beautifully.


Learning from Sheth’s Stoutness:

  • Don’t take the predictable path. In fact, you don’t have to take a path at all – listen to your heart, your gut and your mind, then make your own way.
  • Embrace hard work. You might not go so far as mastering two demanding professions, but successful journeys are rarely downhill.
  • Don’t limit yourself. Have multiple talents or passions? Look for ways to bring your skills and interests together; your business – and your soul – will thrive.


All photos supplied by Spaces Designed.