Leaders Speak: Wes Hurt On Leading By Example

Leaders Speak: Wes Hurt On Leading By Example

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Leading By Example

Wes Hurt, founder of CLEAN Cause talks to Stout about what makes a servant leader.


Wes Hurt, Founder at CLEAN Cause Inc.

Wes Hurt, Founder at CLEAN Cause Inc., knows first hand the difficulty of recovering from addiction. His company created a line of natural energy drinks with a goal of providing a sustainable source of funding to help individuals recover from alcohol and drug addiction by giving 50% of profits to fund 30-day sober living scholarships called “CLEAN Kickstarts”. Hurt shared with Stout his take on servant leadership.

Describe a servant leader and what are its advantages?

A servant leader is someone who leads by example and humility. They’re someone who is willing to roll up their sleeves to get the job done, regardless of their title.

Leading by example leaves no question to whether or not someone is committed to leading.

What are the advantages of being servant leader?

In my experience, people trust what they see more than what someone says. Leading by example leaves no question to whether or not someone is committed to leading.

Who/What (people and /or tools) has helped you develop your leadership skills in the area most?

It’s somewhat cliché, but experience has been the greatest teacher. Understanding “what it takes” to get a particular job done with excellence provides you an intimate understanding of the task at hand. In turn, you’re able to optimally equip your team with the resources they need to get the job done.

The Clean Cause Mission: 50% of profits to fund recovery from addiction.

Who do you consider to be the greatest example of servant leader?

A gentleman named Maxwell J. (don’t want to give last name). He was one of my first employees, is way younger than me, and had almost no experience “leading”. He’s been with CLEAN for over 4 years and has led by example and humility – day in and day out. He doesn’t complain and just last week I told him, “You lead our Austin operations better than I ever could.” And I meant it. I’m extremely grateful for his commitment to leading well. He’s a real inspiration to me.

Watch the inspiring story of Hurt’s journey from addiction to recovery to the creation of Clean Cause with its mission to sustainably fund a bridge between rehab and reintegration into everyday life that is so critical to recovery.

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Photos courtesy of Sanjay N Patel and Clean Cause.