Staying Stout Through Difficult Times

Staying Stout Through Difficult Times

A word from Stout‘s Founder & Publisher Christi Hester

As we find ourselves embracing the concept of #ApartTogether in the midst of Covid-19 we need more than ever to Bring Out Our Stout.

“Hold fast and stay true, believe in what you’re doing.”
I’m not a Navy Seal, but heard this quote in a fireside chat with Jill Ellis, 2x World Cup Coach of the Women’s US Soccer League while covering Stout leader Ingrid Vanderveldt’s Billionaire Weekend for Women. Of the many great leadership moments we captured there, “hold fast and stay true” really resonated with me and I can’t imagine a more appropriate mantra for us all to embrace through the challenging time we face right now.

Purpose is the ultimate and underlying foundation to propel us to succeed in life and especially through a crisis. From those in the trenches-the medical and public service community, grocery stores and food, transportation and delivery services-to those currently suffering COVID-19 and families dealing with care and some even death, and to the rest of us who might feeling lost or uncomfortable with the uncertainty of what’s next…I hope that we can all “hold fast and stay true” and carry forward with purpose. Determine what you CAN do and take one bold step to make it happen-here are some ideas to get you started:

  Three Ways You Can Help Others  

• Help a neighbor: Call a senior/at risk neighbor and offer a supply run (Shopping Angels and NextDoor are working to connect those in need).

• Donate Supplies: Find a local food bank & see what they need most-fast emptied shelves may leave the vulnerable more in need. Check local news to see if a nearby hospital or clinic needs supplies-many are re-purposing supplies from paint, metal and even tattoo shops see if you can make a connection.

• Support Local Business: Call & pickup from a small restaurant or store. Buy gift cards, a dining bond or give a virtual tip to heavily impacted businesses.

We began 2020 at Stout focused on connection-on narrowing the void created by our “always on” dedication to devices and screens which have now, ironically, become the lifeline keeping us connected. As we continue to keep our distance to #flattenthecurve, here are some ways to stay connected while we are #ApartTogether:

  Three Ways To Connect & Cope  

• Forge Virtual Connections: Video and audio conferencing aren’t just for WFH, use them to stay in touch with friends and family! Google Hangouts, Zoom and Lifesize all offer FREE video and audio conferencing. Use them to set up a virtual Happy Hour or dinner with friends!

• Set Up A “Get-Together Apart”: Take a page from balcony singers to rooftop trainers sharing at a distance. Raise a toast with neighbors from your porch, curb or open window, set up a suburb-wide staggered block walk, hold front yard stomp rocket or balcony paper airplane challenge for kids.

• Keep Calm & Carry On: Stay informed, make a plan and keep moving forward. Preparation, not panic, is the best way to be ready for whatever comes your way. Don’t get spooked by empty shelves- a SMALL stock of TP is great, but you might REALLY NEED some extra coffee & filters if you’re suddenly working from home. Try a few rounds of box breathing or meditation if you’re really feeling overwhelmed.


We’ve been hard at work this year at Stout Magazine on our goal of expanding our programming through seminars, workshops and the launch of our purpose podcast (stay tuned on that), but we’ll be turning our focus this month to bringing you more “social-distancing friendly” means to power up your purpose. Look to our Stoutways, Monday Motivation and Leaders Speak archives for inspiration now and connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram for new takeaways to inspire, educate and help you stay purpose-centered when it’s hard to see what’s below or ahead.

Now more than ever, the STOUT principles of being bold, brave and determined are exactly what’s required. Keep washing your hands, not touching your face (it’s hard!), buying only what you need, sharing what you have and above all “holding fast and staying true”.

With Purpose,
Christi Hester
Founder & Publisher of Stout Magazine