#FuelStop: How to start a movement (or build up your team)

stout fuel stop quick takeaways Stout Fuel Stop: 1 min read/3 min watch

With help from some surprising footage, this Derek Sivers Ted Talk breaks down how a movement really gets started. (Hint: it takes two.)

From the “lone nut” to brave first followers, imagine your team operating with the excitement and energy of a movement. Check out this funny, but true, example of a movement unfolding.

Takeaways: Start a movement-Build Up Your Team

  • Be Brave and Lead the Way
    Model what you want to see, even if it seems odd to others.
  • Honor your first follower(s)
    Be inclusive and approach on the same level. They will become your second leaders and draw in others.
  • The Crowd is news-and makes everyone want to be a part
    Once momentum is started you can capture the interest of others and they will want to join in.

If you want others to share your enthusiasm for a mission, purpose or effort, have the courage to put it out there. So the next time you see someone doing something you think is Stout, be Stout and join them!