Fuel Stop: Russell Brand & Jay Shetty Offer A Unique Take On Mentors

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What if we all just agreed to help each other?

Russell Brand talks with Jay Shetty about how mentors have helped him avoid mistakes he made in the past when trying to go it alone and proposes a world-changing mentoring challenge.

STOUT Takeaways From Brand & Shetty on Mentoring

▸ Phone-A-Friend First To Check Gut Reactions
Before you “go with your gut” it’s a good idea to seek council from those you trust. Your emotional involvement can lead you astray, phone a friend, seek mentors.
▸ Put Yourself in the Middle of Mentorship
Talk with someone further down the path than you. And, reach out to someone not so far down to help them along.
▸ Seek Community
There is strength in numbers. Find your tribe and like-minded community to support you. They will “get” you and you will feel more comfortable being authentic.
▸ Make Time for Zen
From meditation to spiritual or religious practices, take time to get grounded, reflect and calibrate.

Ask some one ahead of you on path. Help someone behind you.

If everyone took up that simple challenge, Brand and Shetty imagine how the effect of millions of people mentoring and being mentored in turn could change the world for the better.

Learning from someone who is ahead of you, asking them about their path and the decisions and goals they set can help you in yours and since they’ve already been where you are, their insight is invaluable!

“It’s absolutely vital for me to have mentors because I’m still crazy and have bad ideas every single day.”
Russell Brand

Offering a hand up to someone who is where you used to be allows you to get out of your own head and concentrate on someone else, as well as shapes you into a better leader. You’ll be astonished at how wise your council is to others!

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